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We build a compelling brand story that is authentic, credible and trustworthy.

Tin Communications is a boutique brand story and marketing agency based in Singapore. We specialize in helping brands narrate their stories to captivate their audience and increase brand loyalty and profitability.

Our focus is on elevating your brand by ensuring that your unique story is not just heard, but felt and remembered. In the digital age, where competition for attention is fierce, a compelling brand story is more than just a narrative – it's the essence of your brand's identity and values and one that your customers can relate. We excel in crafting and conveying these stories, ensuring they resonate deeply with your target audience.

Through strategic and innovative marketing solutions, we amplify your brand promise and offerings as one that is credible, reliable, authentic, notable, and respected entity in the market. This approach leads to a stronger brand presence, enhanced customer loyalty, and, ultimately, significant growth in profitability.

With Tin Communications, we help you make a big impact to your audience and one that stands out and thrives in the bustling marketplace.


Who We Are


To be the leading catalyst for brands, forging lasting connections through the art of storytelling and innovative communication strategies. We envision a world where every brand's unique narrative captivates, educates, and inspires, driving meaningful engagement and lasting impact. 


To foster and harness the power of compelling storytelling and employ effective marketing strategies to drive brand success and substantial business growth.

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How we can help you grow

We are a bunch of passionate brand writers and marketers dedicated to elevating your brand's prominence in the marketplace. Led by our chief strategist, Kartina Rosli, our core mission is clear: to curate narrative brand stories that captivate and develop an integrated marketing communication plan that aligns precisely with your business objectives. We firmly believe that the heart of your brand's narrative is the linchpin of every campaign, steering our strategies towards resonance and impact.

Our commitment extends beyond transactional relationships; it's about building enduring partnerships. We excel in active listening and constructive feedback, ensuring that we grasp your vision and requirements at every juncture. Whether you're a startup, an established entity, an entrepreneur, or a seasoned professional, we adapt our approach to harmonize with your distinctive journey.

With Tin Communications, expect nothing less than results-driven strategies that not only meet but surpass your expectations. Our focus transcends short-term gains; we are wholeheartedly invested in nurturing your long-term growth, with your brand's story as our guiding star. Let us serve as the catalyst for your brand's triumph, empowering you to etch a lasting legacy within your industry.

Our Founder

The engine behind our machinery

Kartina, the driving force behind Tin Communications, is an entrepreneur with a deep-rooted passion for storytelling that has been nurtured since her youth. As an avid writer, her love for narrative has only grown stronger, inspiring her to share stories that empower, educate, and uplift.

With close to three decades of experience as a communications specialist, Kartina is a seasoned expert in curating targeted and authentic brand stories and effective integrated marketing communications strategies. Her expertise spans both the public and private sectors, where she has successfully crafted compelling story pitches resulting in widespread coverage across print, online, and broadcast media in Singapore and Malaysia.

Previously, Kartina held the  position of Singapore and Indo-China Editor for Marketing in Asia, a reputable Kuala Lumpur-based marketing magazine. In this role, she was responsible for the raising the brand of MIA via content featuring top business leaders from Asia Pacific regions.  Kartina's commitment to sharing her insights doesn't stop there – she also contributes her expertise as a valued contributor to platforms like Thrive Global and

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kartina's heart beats for a noble cause. She is passionate about raising awareness and fostering acceptance for children on the autism spectrum. Kartina champions the cause to ensure that these remarkable children have equal opportunities to flourish and thrive in our society.

Kartina's journey, marked by her unwavering dedication to storytelling and her commitment to making a positive impact, is a testament to her passion, expertise, and the boundless potential she brings to every endeavor.



Kartina Rosli

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