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The Ultimate Guide To Growing Your Social Media Presence

Awesome tips for small businesses to grow online

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(This article was first published in Marketing in Asia)

Building a social media presence brings tons of benefits to any business, especially if you are a small business. By putting up relevant content, you get to reach a bigger target audience and build brand ambassadors and followers. For example, social media channels such as LinkedIn is an excellent professional platform to share and exchange ideas with like-minded people, build business connections and even acquire new sales opportunities. With millions of people spending more time on their gadgets and multiple channels, building your presence on social media is an effective marketing tool to grow your business.

You may ask, how do you even start building your presence on social media? Which platform should you focus on and what kind of content will bring in engagement? We have put together an infographic guide to help you build a solid and credible social media presence.

It is important to note that social media growth takes time and definitely effort. For those who are not brave enough to start or feel overwhelmed to handle their social media campaigns on your own, consider engaging a social media manager to help you.

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