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6 Tips to Lead Generation Blogging

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

As content producers, it is important to write articles that are relevant and relatable to our readers. While the idea is to provide information that our readers are looking for, the ultimate aim is to eventually lead them to becoming our paying customers.

Here are six simple content marketing strategy tips to convert your readers to die-hard brand ambassadors.

#Tip Number 1: Write with your customers in mind. Provide information that is going to be helpful for your readers or solve their problem. While we have a strong desire to write about how great our products and services are (which is not entirely wrong), pivot the message such that what your offer is precisely what your customers need. Make your products or services irresistible that they have to get them only from you.

#Tip Number 2: Provide subheadings. According to a study by Microsoft, the average human being now has an attention span of eight seconds. Knowing this fact is important as readers tend to get impatient and skim through long articles. Subheadings give your readers a quick and easy guide on what to expect in the next paragraph.

#Tip Number 3: Provide bullet points or include numbers. People love ‘effective tips’ or ‘life-hacks’ pieces. Tailor your our ideas into bullet points or include numbers such as “5 Tips to Overcoming Work Stress” or “3 Easy Steps to Baking that Perfect Butter Cake” (yum!). It helps to break your copy and make reading easier.

#Tip Number 4: KISS principle. Our readers are bombarded with loads of information on their fingertips every minute. Readers have the tendency to skip articles which have too many technical jargon. Practice KISS in your pieces - keep it short and simple and remove complex ideas. Write your copy such that a12-year-old can comprehend. Make it engaging and use clear language tailored to your readers’ needs.

#Tip Number 5: Visual is king. While content is king, imagine what visuals can do to draw your readers to stay on your blog. Adding visuals to your pieces can help break the momentum of reading. There are many free stock images you can consider from Canva or Crello. If not, images taken on smartphones these days are also easy and it is free. Best of all – it is authentically yours.

#Tip Number 6: Include a call-to-action. Give a compelling reason for your readers to find out more about your products or services by giving them a call-to-action. Include action words like ‘call now’ ‘learn more’ and ‘get your 10% discount’ by liking this article. The options are many.

Still clueless on how to write your blog content?

Chat with us, and we can help you solve that problem.

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