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Make an Impression with 'Experiential Marketing' in 2020

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Despite the fact that all of us are digital natives, we still crave for some human interaction. Taking part in events, conferences and networking bridge that gap and allow us to put a face to the people or inspirations behind the brands we follow. For businesses, organising events is a viable marketing strategy for you to showcase your brand and acquire leads.

If your overall strategic marketing plan did not include event marketing in 2019, it is not too late to add that in your mix for 2020.

For many small and medium enterprises, a big portion of our marketing budget are usually channeled towards traditional and online marketing and advertising. However, event marketing or 'experiential marketing' is also a smart and effective way to raise brand awareness. Whether the event is held at a venue or online via a LIVE webcast or streaming, it gives you the opportunity to share your ideas, thoughts and messages the way you want your brand to be perceived.

What are some of the key benefits of organising an event?

  1. It helps to create brand awareness in the noisy competitive market.

  2. It generate leads and sales.

  3. It allows you to have a more in-depth understanding about your customers’ needs and aspirations.

  4. It encourages repeat customers and develop brand loyalty.

  5. It connect you not only with your customers, but also potential partners and investors.

What are some possible events that your business can consider?

  1. Media conference and press meet-and-greet.

  2. Product launches and hands-on demos.

  3. Networking lunches, dinners or cocktail events.

  4. Business workshops, gatherings and conferences.

  5. Sports or charity sponsorship events.

  6. Business competitions.

Need a hand in planning a small event? Let's chat over coffee or drop us an email.

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