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Infographic: Tips on How to Pitch Your Story Idea

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

(image by Pixabay)

One question many entrepreneurs or small business owners have is, “I have a great story/new product/service, but how do I get the media to be interested?”. Well, besides going on the route of paid advertisements or sharing your stories on social media, one other way to raise visibility and engagement with your target audience is via earned media. However, our editors and journalists get hundreds of pitches every day. What are the steps to take to help our story pitches considered by the media? Here are five tips.

When you’re pressed for time or have limited resources for content creation, it often makes sense to let someone else do the heavy lifting. Outsourcing content creation or media pitching doesn’t have to be expensive. Chat with us on how we can help you pitch your story.

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