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Quote Mark

"Being a new company, Safar Training and Consultancy needed a nudge in getting our name and services out there. We needed people to know we exist, and we are glad Tin Communications has been great at pitching our stories to the media including Motherhood magazine, Radio Warna, Sunday Times, Berita Harian and even Salam web from across the border.

All around a pleasure to work with Kartina frm Tin Communications as she does not hesitate to go above and beyond for her clients! It has been a seamless and enjoyable experience from the start. She really got to the heart of our company.

We look forward to continuing to work with Tin Comms and would highly recommend them to any person or company looking for professional writing!"


Ms Noretta Jacob

Founder, Safar Training and Consultancy

"In the doula business, not many know of what we do and why we do what we do. Tin Communications has been great at pitching our stories to the media and "Love At Birth" got the opportunity to share more about the natural birth through Berita Harian Podcast - No Tapis! Articles of the interview has been shared in the newspaper and definitely brought around a lot of queries for us.

It is a pleasure to work with Kartina from Tin Communications! A warm and sincere lady who genuinely believes in what we do makes it a smooth and enjoyable experience from the start."

Love at Birth.jpg

Ms Aza Azri

Co-founder, Love at Birth


"To meet higher customer demands during Ramadan and Hari Raya seasons, Lemaq wanted to start our social media campaign and this was done with the help of Tin Comms. Kartina and her team made the onboarding process very easy and smooth. Within a month, coupled with FB ads and daily posting on our FB, Lemaq acquired more than 300 followers.

The first month of our social media campaign was truly a success as we reached a wider audience, which is beyond our expectations.

It is a pleasure working with Tin Comms as they are easy-going, responsive and always there to provide guidance and advice on our social media campaign. Tin Comms understood our requirements and proactively built our online profile as to how Lemaq wanted it to be."

Madam Nerita Yolanda

Owner, Lemaq SG